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The magic carpet is out. What are you waiting for?

2018-09-08 09:11 The author:Administrator

BARROW's newly released mouse pad has won everyone's attention with its super large area and exquisite patterns, and its super large area and its super wide use way, which are applauded by the players. Let's have a look!

Mouse base to add anti-slip design, let you in the free game, free from the "mat" as the heart of the trouble.

3mm thick green rubber can effectively reduce hand fatigue and enhance player experience.

Exquisite hemlock around the design, not easy to produce loose line, can effectively reduce in the use of the crimping and folding and other situations; Long time use can also maintain a neat appearance, is the immersion game indispensable helper.

The mouse pad lists all the BARROW and BARROWCH products, summarizing most of the equipment used in the water-cooling system. The surface of this mouse pad is made of fine surface material, which can improve the continuous sliding process and the tracking quality of the sensor, thus enhancing the user experience.

The 900mm*400mm large area makes your equipment easy to operate. Large mouse pads also let many players dubbed as "yoga mat", "versatile mat"; So take a look at the picture with your little sister

Mouse base material USES environmental protection rubber as raw material, because it is rubber material, a small sister can easily roll it away.


(bathrobe style)


(show MOE cushion)

(Aladdin cushion)

(missing half cushion)

(writing table mat)

Q: I buy mouse mat hind, meet suddenly on the way home black car driver want to be against me scheming, how should do?
Answer: this time you can take out mouse mat, direct a mat is thrown toward driver past, when mouse pad is apart from the driver's throat only 0.01 centimeters of distance, the driver can have quarter of column incense of time change of heart, this time you are safe.

Q: can I improve my child's academic performance by using this mat?
Answer: not ok, the child that learns bad still throws away!

BARROW oversize magic pad USES more trick lights to bring you to explore oh!