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Intel 400 series motherboard will be released in January next year, with Comet Lake processor and LGA 1200 interface

2019-09-26 15:58 The author:Administrator

Intel on Wednesday night to the tenth generation core processor eight new members, they are 14 nm process of Comet Lake processor, actually from long before messages can see, the tenth generation of the core product mix of 14 nm to 10 nm and two kinds of process, and also there will be two kinds of CPU architecture, but as to the tenth generation desktop core processor, actually have related news last month, they are all adopted 14 nm process of Comet Lake processor, the kernel is based on the Skylake, the mainboard chipset is updated to 400 series, And the CPU interface will also become the LGA 1200.


We only knew that the new desktop processors and motherboards would be released in the first quarter of next year, but ECS recently announced the release dates of the 400 series motherboards at a mini PC event in Japan. According to the pictures on the ASCII website, there will be Q470 and H470 motherboards, Z470 (or Z490?) in January. The B460 and B460 should be released around the same time, and a low-end H410 motherboard will be available in February.


XFastest HK previously reported that the new 400-series chipset has been expanded to include native 802.11ax (WiFi 6) support and the long-awaited native Thunderbolt 3 support, although the pci-e interface is still 3.0 and the default memory frequency is ddr4-2666, as is the current 9th generation core.

As for Comet Lake processors, the maximum core number will reach 10 cores, and the TDP of k-series processors will increase from 95W to 125W. There will be no big change in core display, while the Ice Lake desktop version that everyone wants to see with the 10nm process and the new Sunny Cove core is not expected until the end of next year or even 2021.

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